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The Biggest Cash-Back Rebates in Forex Market!

At FXCBR, we provide Forex Cash Back Rebates on every Forex trade you place. We have partnered with major Forex brokers around the world to assist you in getting the best rebates possible. Whether you already have a Forex trading account or are opening a new account, we can help.

Getting your rebates is simple! If you would like to get cash back while trading, check out our Forex brokers to see if you’re already trading with one of our partner brokers. Or simply choose one of our FX brokers to open a new trading account today!


Why You Should Use “Forex Cash Back Rebate Program”

  • By signing up through Forex Cash Back Rebate Program you can get:
    • Part of the spread, 80% of the broker’s rebates.
    • Significant cash rebates, a few thousand dollars a month, no matter you win, lose or draw.
    • Higher bonus, lower spreads and lower ECN Commission are not available for other traders.
    • Rebates on currencies, commodities, CFDs, stocks, indices, and all other trading instruments.
  • By signing up directly through a broker you almost never get cash back rebates.
  • Your spread or other trading conditions don’t increase using Forex Cash Back Rebates.
  • We help you fill out documents, answer your questions and solve any problems.
  • We have over 50 brokers to choose from, and add new ones each week.
  • We will make sure that all our customers are 100% satisfied. We have excellent customer support.
  • In Japan where we are based, there is a saying: “O-kyaku sama, o-kami sama” (= The customer is God).



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  • Each time you start using a new broker and open a new account let us know ASAP, so we can connect those accounts to our IB base and claim rebates to distribute to you later on.
  • If you have existing accounts please also let us know the account numbers and brokers at which you opened them.
  • With some brokers there might be additional procedures to make sure those accounts are eligible for Cash Back Rebates before you start.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Cash Back Rebates.

You will get the “Forex Cash Back Rebates” rebates on every 5th of the next month.

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