Best Cash Back Program

Comparing Us to Other Similar Cash Back Programs

  • We pay higher rebates, 50-80% of what we earn, others usually less than 50%!
  • We have much more brokers listed, and can add your broker too very fast!
  • We pay much faster, you get your money by the 5th of the next month!
  • We have no minimum to pay out your Rebates, other websites require minimum of $10, $50 or $100 to be paid out depending on the payment method. So you will get money each month, no matter how much rebates you earned.
  • Our best cash back program use many payment methods to transfer your Cash Back Rebates, e.g. Bank, PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers, Webmoney, AlertPay (Payza), Credit Card, etc.Others only Bank and/or PayPal.
  • We have more staffs doing customer support, Cash Back Rebate calculations, etc. so our best cash back program can take much better care of you and your money.
  • We help you to fill out documents and explain things that are difficult to understand for beginner or non-native speakers of English, since we have much experience with opening many accounts with many brokers. Other similar websites will not help you do this, they just want you to open an account with them without any effort from their side.
  • We do support and help you in many foreign languages, as most our clients don’t speak English well. Other websites do support only in English.
  • We are a Japanese company regulated by strict Japanese law, so our best cash back program is impeccable. Other similar websites are not registered companies or are based in countries without any special regulations.