Forex Cash Back Rebates FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Cash Back Rebates

  • First of all you should sign up for a free Forex Cash Back Rebates account by clicking the “Register” button at the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Choose the broker you already have an account with or want to open a new account on the “Brokers” page. Click the link or icon of that broker, then follow the instructions on the sign-up pages.
  • IMPORTANT: In the field “Referred by“, “Introducing Agent”, “Affiliate Code” etc. enter our “Affiliate Code” or “IB Name”, so you can receive Rebates from the broker, e.g. Alpari, Instaforex, FX Clearing, FXCH, GCG, etc. Otherwise we will not be able to claim the commission from the broker and cannot distribute potential Rebates to you later on if the broker doesn’t connect your account to our IB account.
  • Send us a an email each time you open an account with a new or existing broker so we can make sure this account is eligible for Cash Back Rebates. Even if you have registered an account with one broker. e.g. FXDD, but then open a new account, you should let us know the account number and broker name so we can act accordingly.

You can have as many Forex Cash Back Rebates accounts as you wish (not to confuse with Trading Accounts with a broker). We are very flexible.

However, if you have multiple Forex Cash Back Rebates accounts, it will be more difficult for you and us to calculate the total commission, there will be more fees when we send your Rebates from each of your Forex Cash Back Rebates account and it will cost us and you more time to check all the accounts one-by-one. So we suggest you have only one or two Forex Cash Back Rebates accounts to simplify all the procedures and minimize costs.

You can have many broker accounts, e.g. Pepperstone, 4xp, FXDD, etc., this is not restricted in any way. Actually the more trading accounts you have and more brokers you use, the more Cash Back Rebates you can earn.
Yes, no matter if your trades are negative, positive or a draw, you get rebates as long as the broker’s conditions and restrictions are fulfilled. If for example a broker has a restriction, that the trades must last at least 2 minutes, then you will not get rebates for trades lasting less than this of course.
Yes, of course. Although the majority of brokers (70-80%) have MT4 platforms, many brokers don’t use the MT4 platform or have multiple platforms where MT4 is only one of them. However, this has no influence on the rebates you can get as long as the broker is listed on our “Brokers” page.

In many cases “Yes”, in some cases “No”, it depends on the brokers. Generally brokers pay IB commission or rebates for introducing NEW clients, so if you already have an account or use an IB with a given broker, they might not pay us commission on your trades, but in many cases they will.

All such information whether you are entitled to rebates or not is contained on the “Brokers” page.

Basically you don’t need to do anything. We will send you your rebates by the 5th of the next month (can be even faster). You don’t need to fill any documents or request the money, we just send the rebates to you by the method you indicated in your profile. You will be able to see in your profile how much Rebates you got and when it was paid.

Currently we offer the following payment methods to transfer your Rebates:

  • Wire (bank transfer)
  • Moneybookers (Skrill)
  • AlertPay (
  • Webmoney
  • Western Union and MoneyGram (in some cases)
  • Coming soon: Credit Card (

There are no minimum you must generate to receive Cash Back Rebates in most cases. You can even get $1, but fees will be applied. There are high fees in case of bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, so you can optionally choose a minimum to be paid, e.g. $50, but this is your choice. We don’t impose any restrictions.

  • First of all, we have much more dedicated staffs to calculate and then send Cash Back Rebates very fast to all our clients.
  • Many other similar websites simply wait for the brokers to pay them the Rebates first, and AFTER receiving the money, they can pay you.
  • But we don’t wait, we will send you our own money BEFORE we get the rebates from the brokers. We are risking that the broker might not pay us, but we have high volume of rebates and we are not afraid of the risk, we want to make our clients happy and pay them ASAP, since they need money right away, not after one month, right?

Due to “Money-Laundering Policies” third party deposits to a trading account are not allowed. The only exception is Exness, and you can receive the Rebates to your trading accounts for that broker.

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