Fx Fund Management

Best Fund Management System in Forex Market

You don’t have to know Forex at all – We trade for you on Managed Account! Happy Trading!

Before I tell you how good the Forex Fund Management is, please check the results below.

If you are happy with the results, you can read further. Otherwise, there is no point wasting our time if you are not satisfied with them.





All you have to do is open a Forex fund management account with a broker from the list of “Broker”. You will also have to sign a “Money Management” agreement which the broker provides you. The brokers will provide you with all the necessary information and documents.

The system is really good since it works both in trends and consolidations. Even if the market reverses for a short while and then trends again, the system can take advantage of it and doesn’t lose money in such a situation. It also increases the order size when the equity is higher to make even more profits faster.
Here are the simple steps to get started:

Choose the Broker

See the “Brokers list“.

Open an Account

The broker will supply you all the necessary documents. Click here to open an account.

Fund the Account

If your account is connected under our IB link, your minimum deposit can be $2,000. However if you decide not to use our IB link, your minimum deposit is $5,000.

Watch Your Profits

You will be given an access to the Managed Account to watch the performance of the forex fund management account.

Depending on the initial deposit and the broker, the profit share we take varies. The higher the deposit, the lower profit share we take. It pays off to invest more to get higher returns.


  • 50% for deposits over $5,000 (under our IB link)
  • 55% for deposits over $10,000
  • 60% for deposits over $25,000
  • 65% for deposits over $100,000
  • 70% for deposits over $250,000



Below are a few of many e-mails I received from my clients who have already used Forex Fund Management System.



Below you can see our client’s payment confirmation from EXNESS using Neteller.