How It Works

To get rebates, we have to make sure that your account is already connected under our IB link

  • Your spreads, ECN Commission, or any other explicit or hidden fees will NEVER increase using our Forex Cash Back Rebates program.
  • Quite the opposite, you can get additional bonus or even lower spreads¬†which are not available to other traders since we and our clients trade in big volumes in total, so brokers give us special low spreads and better conditions.
  • For example, we have special deals with some brokers, e.g. FXDD Xtreme accounts normally have $10 ECN commission, but our clients can pay for only $5!!! And many more examples like that.
  • Also due to huge volumes of trades, you can get even higher Rebates than anybody else. For example, a broker gives 0.3 pips rebate to most clients, but we get 1.0 pips thanks to the high volume of trades. This way, if we pay you 50%, then you get 0.5 pips from us, but if you don’t join our program, you would only get 0.3 from the broker. So, you actually get more benefits by joining us. Simple!
  • If you open an account, directly with a broker, you will almost NEVER get rebates.¬†By using Forex Cash Back Rebate program, you will get Cash Back Rebates from us in most cases.
  • All those Rebates are possible since the brokers pay us the portion of the spread and commission for introducing new clients. Otherwise they would have to spend much money on advertising. Instead they pay us part of the money, and then we can pay you in the same way.
  • Rebates vary depending on:
    • The broker
    • New or existing account
    • Trade volume
    • Pairs you trade (majors, minors, exotics)