Rebate Calculation

How Do We Calculate Your Rebates?

  • We can give you rebates after you start trading and get commission from the broker, so start trading now! The more you trade, the more money you can make.
  • However, we need to make sure that your trading account is opened under our IB link. If your account is connected to our IB base and we get rebates from your trades, then we can distribute them back to you.
  • We send you the money on the 5th of next month by the method you have selected in your profile.
  • We have a sophisticated rebate tracking system for each trader. There is no way you will not get your rebates if you use our IB link.
  • Many brokers have different ways to calculate the rebates, however, we get various tools to cope with each broker’s rebate calculation method.
  • We use a simple rebate calculation method. It’s the percentage of the rebates we get, e.g:
    • Total Rebates x Rate = Your Payment => $5,000 x 80% = $4,000 for you.

We send you the money by the 5th of the next month by the method you selected in your profile. You can change the payment method later, check FAQs for the details.